People I Know

“The boys are up for a bit of banter and Melissa.”
– congrats Steve D. on being the first person to appear in this list

“I think God made Upsy Daisy.”
– Isabella, age 2 (for the uninitiated, Upsy Daisy is a character from In The Night Garden on CBeebies)

“I’m thinking obscenities.”
and “I’ll go for the brothels”
– Me (if you’ve ever played Balderdash, you may understand how those two sentences could have sounded ok in my head at the time)

“I haven’t missed any lectures yet.”
– Stefan, the day before term started.

“It’s Makroum time.”
– Big Mak, before taking his turn in a game of pool.

“I thought you were a comic genius, but really you’re just an idiot.”
– Benny Mak again, I deserved it for my accidental senility joke