The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

Galatians 6v18: “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers. Amen.”

Finally, and briefly, because Paul brings this letter to a fairly swift conclusion in v18: In most of Paul’s letters he makes some final greetings, or passes on greetings from those who are with him, but to the Galatians he keeps it to the point. And in case you still hadn’t quite got the point of this letter, Paul finishes by stating his hope that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ would be with the Galatians’ spirit. He calls them his brothers, so he’s talking about Christians, and he wants them not just to know about the doctrine of salvation by grace, but he wants that grace to continue to be with their spirit. We’re not just saved by grace initially and then have to get to work. We never get past the point of needing grace. It’s grace all the way. We’re justified by grace, and it’s grace that continues to work on our hearts to sanctify us. Amen.


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