You Will Take No Other View

Galatians 5v10

So considering the Galatians had been taught by the apostle Paul himself and still got taken in by false teaching, maybe at this point you’re a bit worried about being taken in by false teaching yourself. If not, perhaps you should be. But if you are, look at where Paul’s confidence is that the Galatians will end up back on the right path: “I have confidence in the Lord that you will take no other view” – Be encouraged that the Lord will keep those he chose in Christ to save before the foundation of the world. No false teacher can separate us from the love of God.

Having said that – although God is sovereign in saving us and keeping us – there is action on our part: “you will take no other view”. A true Christian cannot lose their salvation, but that doesn’t mean we believe once and then get on with work. If we take our eyes off Christ and start looking at what good deeds we might do to boost our standing before God, we cut ourselves off. We need to keep our eyes on Christ.

Paul is confident of the Galatians’ restoration. He’s presenting his case to the Galatians, but God is responsible for producing the response. I tend to be a bit pessimistic. I pray that God will do something, but wouldn’t normally say I’m confident he will – I put in qualifications like “if it’s your will…”, and of course we do need to submit to God’s sovereignty, and I’m not saying that the reason God doesn’t answer our prayers is because we haven’t worked up enough faith – but Paul said he was confident. I think we have reason to be confident in God too.


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