How does our experiencing rejection glorify God?

It shows us something of what it’s like from God’s point of view when we turn away from him, thinking we will find something better somewhere else.

When someone turns me down, it’s disappointing, but understandable.

But when we turn away from God, it’s an inexcusable outrageous offence against the honour that’s rightfully his as the creator of the universe.

He would be completely justified in destroying us immediately.

So for me, the reminder that he hasn’t done so, despite the innumerable occasions when I’ve chosen to seek pleasure in something else rather than God, is a reminder of his amazing patience with me.

In fact, even though God knew full well in advance how often I would turn away from him, he gave up his son to pay the penalty that my sin deserves, so that I could be forgiven for all the things I’ve done wrong, and be reconciled to him.

He even did that knowing full well that even after I learned about his amazing sacrifice for me, I would still allow myself to be drawn away to look for pleasure in other things instead of him.

That’s glorious self-giving love.


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