Hot Fuzz and Intelligent Design

When Hot Fuzz was on the TV recently, it got me thinking about the intelligent design vs atheism debate.

Sometimes, those of us who believe the universe was created by an intelligent designer feel a bit like Sgt Nicholas Angel.

Like Nicholas, (and like most people) we think it’s a good idea to consider evidence with an open mind before settling on a conclusion.

Certain atheists often seem more comparable to other members of the Sandford police, who always start off with the assumption that things must’ve happened by accident, eg Sgt Tony Fisher: “Hang about, hang about… you’re saying this wasn’t an accident?” and as a result of their unreasonably stubborn refusal to relinquish this assumption, the narratives they come up with to explain occurrences in the village do not reflect reality (No Sgt Fisher, Leslie Tiller did not fall on her own shears).

As a result of an atheistic worldview, many scientists restrict themselves to explanations of the origins of the universe that exclude the possibility that it was planned by an intelligent designer.

In some ways it’s understandable that scientists limit their investigations to observing occurrences that conform to the laws of nature (the way things normally work in this universe we inhabit), because if the creation of the universe was “supernatural”, then scientists would eventually reach a point where they have to concede that they have reached the limits of what they are able to explain, and to end up just saying “God did it” seems a bit of a cop-out.

However, if you have an open mind, you will have to admit that it’s impossible to be sure that at no point in history has there ever been an event anywhere in the universe that didn’t conform to our observations of the way nature normally works, and if you automatically reject any explanation for the origins of the universe that doesn’t fit in with our observations of the way the universe normally works, you may find yourself rejecting the explanation that happens to be true.

Personally, I think the evidence I’ve observed seems to point overwhelmingly to the conclusion that the creation of the universe was premeditated by an intelligent mind.

If you’re interested in reading the viewpoint of someone who takes science seriously, and believes that the universe was created by God, I recommend this blog.


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