The Goat, The Grace & The God

I had my first go at leading a Bible study at Bradford-on-Avon Baptist church last Sunday.

We looked at Luke 15, the well known “Prodigal Son” passage.

Like any half-decent Bible teaching person*, I managed to dig out 3 alliterated points: The Goat, The Grace & The God.

My write-up of it is rather long.

If you’ve got plenty of time and a longer attention span for reading stuff online than what I can manage, you can read it all in one go here.

Otherwise, I’ve divided it up into less intimidating chunks:


1) The Goat

2a) Grace vs. Relative Performance

2b) Grace vs. Debt

2c) Grace vs. Disqualification

3) The God

*In case anyone’s not sure, this is sarcasm… apart from the fact that the measure of quality Bible teaching has nothing whatsoever to do with alliteration, it feels completely ridiculous to even contemplate counting myself as any sort of Bible teacher, let alone a half-decent one.


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