Nobody Knows, Nobody Sees, Nobody But Me

My favourite band right now is Kings of Leon.

I got their Live At The O2 DVD for Christmas and have watched songs from it on my iPod many times since then.

There are some odd things about them, like some of the lyrics, eg. the finale, Black Thumbnail, contains the words “I’ll blow off in your sleep”.

They look a funny combination too, it’s not hard to believe Caleb (singer) and Nathan (drums) have brotherly fist-fights (apparently some of the odd lyrics are thanks to Caleb being on painkillers after these fights), meanwhile their brother Jared (bass) wears a waistcoat and drinks from a wine glass on stage.

Cousin Matthew (lead guitar) looks like he wants to be tough like his older cousins, wears a leather jacket, but still looks about 17 and pulls some silly guitar faces when he’s not really doing anything impressive. Which brings me onto his playing, he’s capable of some cool sounding stuff, but does very little more than play long high notes or the same note repeatedly, and pretty much uses just the one sound, which is getting a little boring now. I’d like to hear him show off a bit more and use one or two different effects; if Beneath The Surface is a sign of things to come I think I’ll be happy.

Anyway, onto the good stuff: this song has become a particular favourite of mine, especially since seeing it on the DVD:

I just now discovered the story behind it:

I’m very confused about what they believe. According to Wikipedia they were brought up travelling around churches with their preacher dad, but then apparently he was asked to leave the church, and then got divorced.

I wonder what Caleb meant by feeling terrible about saying “Jesus don’t love me”. I would think plenty of Christians can sympathise with the feeling of wandering in a Cold Desert at times, but if he’s clearly explained somewhere whether he would call himself a Christian or not then I have yet to find it. I would be intrigued to know.

What I can see is that they’re not living like I would expect Christians to live, for example, getting very drunk. I also thought it was slightly odd for Caleb to thank his mum for being at the gig just before playing Sex On Fire. Not that thanking his mum for being there is un-Christian-like, but y’know.

There’s an interesting range of people who like Kings of Leon, on the DVD you see some people moshing and some people making heart shapes with their hands. Caleb’s been quoted as saying it’s not cool that the sort of woman who wouldn’t have let him date her daughter now likes his music, so I think it’ll be interesting to hear what the next album sounds like.


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