The Invention of Lying

So apparently the loser does get the attractive* girl occasionally. Lovely.

*I don’t like criticising people for things that aren’t their fault (such as looks), but it looks like Jennifer Garner has had some junk pumped into her upper lip (as if she wants to be Angelina), it makes some of her expressions look a bit silly.

I went to see The Invention of Lying yesterday. If you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now.

I think it’s supposed to be a comedy, there were some really funny moments, but overall I thought it was actually better in terms of asking interesting questions, and I quite enjoyed it, despite a bit of mockery of Christianity.

What would the world be like if no one had the ability to lie? Well, pretty depressing according to the film, the only films and TV shows would consist purely of a person reading a history book.

As someone who believes that a perfect world would not contain any lies, this made me think. Would that sort of world really be all that much better?

Ricky (I can’t actually remember the character’s name) did use his new ability to make people feel better, but funnily enough, telling people what they want to hear, rather than the truth, doesn’t bring them lasting happiness.

He did have some morals too, nobody else understood the concept of telling something that wasn’t true*, and he had the opportunity to convince Jen (again I can’t remember her character’s name, that’s probably not a good commendation of the acting) that his new fame and riches changed his DNA, so their children wouldn’t be short and fat with snub noses, but decided it wouldn’t be right.

*This makes you wonder if anyone ever made any mistakes in this world. We can often tell what we believe to be the truth only to find later we were wrong, but as far as you could tell the people in the film were immune from this problem.

Ricky (maybe his name was Mark) makes up the idea of heaven because his mum is afraid of eternal nothingness when she dies, and because everyone believes he’s telling the truth, he becomes famous and the whole world wants to know more, so he comes up with the Man In The Sky. (I really hope it’s not supposed to be a realistic theory for how belief in God could have started.) He also has to explain who gets a mansion in the afterlife and who goes to the really bad place, so decides that you’re allowed 3 chances to be good (you know, don’t do anything to hurt someone else on purpose). I’m fairly certain this is supposed to be based on Christianity, and to be fair, I think a lot of people who would say they’re Christians do think like that, but it’s not what the Bible says.

“the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it— 22the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe. For there is no distinction: 23for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus…” – Romans 3:21-24


3 thoughts on “The Invention of Lying

  1. I wanted to see this film, I saw the trailer and loved the concept of it, or at least the concept you gather from 30seconds of clips of a film.
    But then my housemate said she read in Entertainment Weekly or something similar, that it was fairly offensive to Christianity, and she said that as she read that in a secular place she presumed it must be pretty strong, which put me off a bit…
    there’s also the issue that i don’t have time for orange wednesdays anymore and i have to pay adult rates (boo 😦 ) but i’m less sure about seeing it now

    1. I think it kind of wants to be more offensive than it actually manages to be (at least, to me), because the ‘Christianity’ they’re mocking is not very biblical. There’s the bit where Ricky ‘looks like Jesus’, but since we don’t really know what Jesus looked like (presumably not so different physically, or clothes-wise, to every other Jewish bloke around at the time) things like that are just a bit stupid in my book.

      The 10 commandments thing was a bit more dodgy, but again, if the intention was to mock Biblical Christianity, then in my view they failed. The image of a man ‘bringing God’s word to the people’ was an uncomfortable moment, but I have to admit the pizza boxes idea was quite funny.

  2. I think i can see it as one i might catch when its on dvd and i can borrow it off someone, i don’t know anyone in guildford who’s not churched, and of people i know well enough to go to the cinema its really just my house, who aren’t massively keen!

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