Scarlett Johansson Why Don’t You Love Me?

(That’s the name of a song, by the way, I don’t really wonder why she doesn’t love me. It’s not a good song, and it doesn’t seem to be much to do with Scarlett Johansson, but the title kinda suits this post.)

Thanks to Spotify (I was listening to a playlist of songs featured on LOST while reading C.S. Lewis’ Miracles), I just discovered this today:

It’s often the case that a new version of a song doesn’t sound as good as the version you’re already familiar with, but I really like this as well as Jeff Buckley’s, and the shortened-ness leaves me wanting more, which has to be a good sign.

I was one of the cool people to dig* Anywhere I Lay My Head from the beginning, so I was already familiar with her singing voice. I never bothered to think who she sounded like though, until a comment on youtube that on Last Goodbye she sounded like Adele (in a good way), I think they have a point, and I would suggest a cross between Adele and Diana Vickers (still in a good way).

I’m trying to be more disciplined with the amount of time and money I spend on music. I think I’m making some progress, but then I’m planning to buy a ticket tomorrow for Muse at Teignmouth, and I think ScarJo’s new album with Pete Yorn might be one I consider worth buying, based on the Relator video which you can see here. (It was an advert for Relator on Spotify that also led me to discover Last Goodbye.)

*The use of ‘dig’ in this way probably cancels out any possible coolness drawn from liking an album before anyone else.


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