Thou Shalt Think For Yourselves

– Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. I saw them at Bath Uni. He vomited on stage during that song but kept going. Rock ‘n’ roll.

So Richard Dawkins is supporting a summer camp that teaches kids to think, as an alternative to the Christian ones like the one my brother is at right now. You can read a bit about it at the BBC News site.

I think teaching children to think critically rather than just accept what they’re told is a great idea, because they get taught a lot of rubbish at school about things like so-called evidence for the theory of evolution.

So apart from pitying the poor organisers who believe they’re the ones thinking clearly as opposed to the people who run Christian camps, I can’t really argue with much of what they say their aim is.

My problem comes with the hunt for invisible unicorns for which the only evidence is an ancient book. There’s a prize for whichever child proves they don’t exist.

It’s not that it’s not fair enough to try that, but it seems rather biased.

I would like to try putting a watch on the ground. There’s a booklet with it that gives the name and contact details of the manufacturer, so while they may not have previously met the person who made it, they can actually get in touch with them if they wish. I would give a tenner to a child who could give a sensible reason to doubt that the watch was in fact made by anyone, rather that it could have just come to be there all by itself.


3 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Think For Yourselves

  1. I’m not going to get into a theological argument about this, people have the right to believe what they wish no matter what that is, but i do feel that you’ve slightly missed the point of the Unicorn Hunt, it is a exercise to illustrate the idea that you cannot prove a negative, that without evidence you cannot hold anything as a certainty.

    Now you may argue that this is a anti-religious exercise but as a child i did this same test at my local Christian Fellowship group however it was used to show us that Religious belief is about taking the leap of faith that the unicorn exists.

    Also I don’t think you should take Dawkins / Camp Quest / Atheism so personally, they aren’t out to destroy Christianity or Judaism or Islam, they are there for people who do not believe what you do and that is all.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I would have to say that Dawkins, having written a book called The God Delusion (which I haven’t got around to reading yet, but hope to at some point), certainly seems to be trying to destroy Christianity.

      However I didn’t intend to sound like I felt personally targeted. I do think it’s fair that people of different faiths should be able to run their own camps which present their own points of view, but atheists tend to think they are unbiased, and I felt that the exercise (as described in the BBC News article, I don’t remember hearing of it before) seemed to be designed to predispose children to disbelieve anything that Christians say.

  2. It depends whether you see atheism as a belief or not, I am an Atheist and will happily admit i am biased toward the idea that god doesn’t exist, but any belief that requires a leap of faith, be it Atheism / Christianity / Islam / Judaism, is inherently biased.
    The reason it looks as though Atheists are out to destroy Christianity is that the beliefs of an Atheist are extremely opposite to yours, unlike a muslim or jew who’s core belief is identical to yours, the belief in a God.

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