Man’s Best Friend

I watched Marley & Me last night. If you have (or have had) a dog, I reckon it’s a great film.

It brought back memories of our dog, Chester.

He wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Marley.  Favourite memories include my 3 year old (at the time) brother being scared of him when we first got him and climbing on the kitchen table to get away. Then there’s the imitating a fire engine siren that he did once, but disappointingly we couldn’t manage to entice out of him again. Hanging one of his toys on the washing line until he managed to jump high enough to get hold of it and bend the pole as he came back down was also pretty funny.

I’m not sure my parents were quite as attached to Chester as John and Jenny to Marley though. When we moved house, in an attempt to avoid the whole house being covered in hair and smelling of dog, he was banished from the living room once we got a new carpet. There were exceptions to this rule, he was allowed in on special occasions, by which I mean spiders were even less welcome in the living room and he was brought in to eat any that intruded.

Here’s another man’s tribute to a dog:


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