Shake Shake, Shake Shake a-Shake It

Don’t worry, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Metro Station.
There are enough Cyruses in the world without that one tagging along on his sister’s success.

Shake is Friday night at Moles in Bath.

M stamp

I’d been waiting about 3 years to see Blackbud again.

To be honest, this time around, I prefer them on the album (listen to the whole thing for free here). I dragged along two friends who don’t know them (one had heard 3 songs prior to the gig), I can imagine if I didn’t know the songs that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. I don’t think of Blackbud as a loud band, but they played their louder songs and properly went for it. I’m also not a fan of guitarists playing with feedback much. Not that I think bands should just try and please the crowds, but I think if people choose to listen to that sort of noise, they’re a bit weird.
Also, like Port Erin’s album launch, it seemed to be a rather short set.

There were positive sides to the gig though.

Port Erin opened. It must be pretty disheartening to play in front of that small number of people, but they’ve grown on me since last I saw them. Again there was the loud messing about with feedback, but overall I’m more likely to buy their album now than I was before.

The other support act were called Bow. I really liked them, as did my friend who had not heard anything of Blackbud before last night. They looked like they should sound like Foals, but the best comparison I can come up with is Fleet Foxes, with maybe a bit of Starsailor thrown in. I’m always sceptical about bands with more than four members ‘cos I like to be able to pick out every part, but I definitely want to hear more from them, although I do think they could have done without either the keyboard or the lead guitar. Also, I reckon if you’re gonna play a Manson guitar à la Matt Bellamy, you gotta really play it, not just provide atmospheric background noise, but seriously I really liked them. The trouble is, with a name like Bow, it’s so far proved impossible to find them anywhere on the internet.


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