Really, why bother?

I’m 21 and I think this guy is pretty much right, although I wouldn’t argue quite so passionately.

“Clubs are despicable. Cramped, overpriced furnaces with sticky walls and the latest idiot theme tunes thumping through the humid air so loud you can’t hold a conversation, just bellow inanities at megaphone-level.”

“Clubs are such insufferable dungeons of misery, the inmates have to take mood-altering substances to make their ordeal seem halfway tolerable. This leads them to believe they “enjoy” clubbing. They don’t. No one does. They just enjoy drugs.”

“Why not just stay at home punching yourself in the face? Invite a few friends round and make a night of it.”

“Clubs have always been vapid and awful and boring and blah – but I can’t remember clubbers documenting their every moment before. Not to this demented extent. It’s not enough to pretend you’re having fun in the club any more – you’ve got to pretend you’re having fun in your Flickr gallery, and your friends’ Flickr galleries.”

Probably my least original post yet, I already wrote about the stupidity of getting drunk, I found this article thanks to James P posting the link on facebook, and I’ve not added anything to the best bits of Charlie Brooker’s original rant. 

What’s cool or fun about a thumping, sweaty dungeon full of posing idiots? – Charlie Brooker @ The Guardian


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