Alphabet Soup

(someone can't spell)
(someone can't spell)

Free live music is the best kind.

This open mic thing just started in Bath on Friday, I wasn’t going to bother going but the guy who organised it gave me a ticket anyway and I didn’t have anything better to do.

I’m sooo glad I did decide to go.

The night started off with a bit of comedy from James & Matt’s Fantabulous Band, this was a good way to set the tone for the evening.

Marstin & the Revelators were also pretty cool. They won Moles’ Student Battle of the Bands.

Marstin & the Revelators
Marstin & the Revelators

James M was brilliant, his solo acoustic performance of Radiohead’s Black Star has been stuck in my head ever since. His duet with Sarah K playing Cello and singing Damien Rice’s Volcano was also amazing, I didn’t know the song before, but I’m not gonna forget it in a hurry.

Oh yeah, all the acts are Christians, either members of, or with links to Bath CU or Bath Spa CU.

Thanks to Chris H for recording the Black Star video, unfortunately if he recorded Volcano he hasn’t put it on facebook yet. Here’s the original:


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