Matt Bellamy - hes from Teignmouth. My grandparents used to go there on holiday.
Matt Bellamy - he's from Teignmouth. My grandparents used to go there on holiday.

New Muse Album and Tour later this year.

‘Otherworldly disco’, ‘orchestral monsters’, ‘at least one 15 minute space-rock solo’, ‘it may just be one 50 minute symphony’, ‘like a full collaberation with an orchestra’, ‘we’ll be knocking on Classic FM’s door, you know?’

…and apparently Matt’s composing all the orchestral parts himself ‘cos he’s worried about another composer changing his music.

Sounds awesome.

I tend to think of Origin of Symmetry as their most consistently brilliant album so far, but there are great things about all of them.

I would possibly choose Unintended from Showbiz as their single best song, I tend to find that if I can play a song on guitar it makes it less impressive, but in this case, even though I can play and sing it (sometimes even at the same pitch as Matt) at the same time, I still love it. Escape is also a favourite. I’m not necessarily opposed to lots of production, I think music should sound how the artist intends it to sound, I’m mainly interested in quality of lyrics and composition than ‘sound’, but this is a good ‘raw’ album.

My favourite songs on Origin would have to be Space Dementia, Citizen Erased, and Micro Cuts has grown to be one of my favourites after initially being the weird song that I usually skipped.

Absolution has Butterflies & Hurricanes. It’s worth having just for that really. I’m not a big fan of Time Is Running Out, although I do play and sing along to that too. Obviously there’s Stockholme Syndrome and Apocalypse Please which are also great.

Black Holes & Revelations excites me less, but works well live. I would like Knights of Cydonia a lot more if it didn’t contain the suggestion that God falls asleep on the job. Watching the Invincible guitar solo is one of the highlights on the HAARP dvd, and I love the Maggie’s farm ending to Map of the Problematique (obviously that’s not part of Black Holes, but to me it’s part of what Muse are about). If you don’t already have the Grand Omega Bosses Edit of Assassin (B-side to Knights of Cydonia), you have to hear it, I can only assume it was left off the album because it’s too good, the rest of Black Holes sounds boring in comparison.

Muse’s ‘best yet’ – BBC
Theories about the new Album at MuseWiki
Tour Details coming soon – Muse official website


2 thoughts on “Musing

  1. 1. I don’t think the god that is asleep on the job is God. I think it’s referring to non-involvement in government- “god” allows horrible things to happen, and ineffective people often become rulers (where fools can be kings).
    2. “Matt Bellamy – he’s from Teignmouth. My grandparents used to go there on holiday.” best. caption. ever.

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